There are very many cases in which existing off-the-shelf software applications will not completely meet the needs of a client. In such situations, we will go ahead to develop the needed applications from scratch using modern day development tools.

In some cases also there are aspects of an organization’s operations that can be catered for by customizable applications, while others will not. In such cases we will develop from scratch the aspects that can not be customized and integrate it to a customizable off-the-shelf application. We’ve done this in areas of school administration, pools betting and lottery draws, Guest administration for hotels, etc.

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Vision Data-Techs is gradually building a culture of rightful application of computers through the development, and implementation of application of software systems covering business and professional services.

We have created a sound Software development department that is charged with the development of specific customers’ application packages from scratch, or customising existing ones to meet the customers’ needs. We do this by using structured methodologies, which include:

  • analysis of our clients’ present manual/partially computerised system,
  • define new system requirements,
  • design new system,
  • develop new system,
  • implement new system,
  • evaluate performance of new system and maintain the system,

Our system analysts and programmers are trained to always satisfy our clients’ requirements.