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We do not believe in re-inventing the wheels. Once we’ve analysed a client’s software needs and discover that there is an existing off-the-shelf application that will properly satisfy the client, we will go ahead and customize such application for the use of the client. The business term here is ‘ensuring that the needs of the client are completely met’. We do not believe in half measures. We’ve done this in very many areas including Accounting, Inventory, Payroll, Invoicing, Point of Sale, Human Resources, etc.


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1 Basic System
This will involve the implementation of the following:

  • Journal Posting and Reports
  • Customer Set Up
  • Vendor/Supplier Set Up
  • Banking

2 Sales Order Processing
This will involve using the Sales Order Processing module to create your sales orders, allocate and despatch stock, print sales orders and delivery notes and generate sales invoices.

3 Purchase Order processing
This will involve using Purchase Orders module to generate, print and manage Purchase Orders

4 Receipting
This involves using the Receipting module to generate and manage receipts from Customers.

5 Projects
This involves using Project module to set up all the transactions involved in a Project execution e.g. billing, project costing, project records, project statuses etc.

6 Inventory/Products
This will involve keeping record of all stock transactions. The cost depends on the volume of data /quantity of inventory items that is involved.

7 Fixed Assets
This involves using Fixed Asset module to manage Fixed Assets, including handling depreciations and generating book values at any required time.


This will involve networking of your server and workstation PCs, so that information is assessed from any point. The generic costs are shown in the Schedule below. But the actual costing will depend on the topology of the environment, and will be arrived at, after our survey.





2 PCs/WorksStation



1 Server, 5 Workstation within a local distance



1 Server, 10 Workstations within a local distance


We will assist your staff in migrating your manual data to the computerised system. We will negotiate this with you for final take over.


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