Who We Are

We are employee-owned enterprise, which focuses on delivering computer-based solutions to the business needs of our customers. We offer reliable and efficient services that are backed up with excellent technical support, ensuring maximum uptime and satisfaction to our customers. We are very resourceful and are driven by the technical competence, exposure, experience, efficiency, teamwork and dedication of our staff in delivering projects on schedule and to exact specifications.

We have better focus and understanding of our customers’ computer needs. We offer scalable services that are technically rewarding, even as our customers’ computing needs grow and change. As a high-tech computer company, which centres its activities on Information & Communication Technology services provision and utilisation, it is our belief that we have noble roles to play in this modern era of globalisation. We encapsulate these goals and objectives in our vision and mission statements.

Our Skill

The following are our competent skills that show our areas of specialization, and ability to satisfy customer's vast needs.

Web & Apps

Accounting &

IT Professional

Networking &

Our Vision

At Vision Data-Techs we look forward to a society whereby all operations, processes and procedures are completely automated through the deployment of relevant Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions .

Our Mission

Our mission statements include:

  • We are committed to providing Information & Communication Technology solutions to meeting our customers’ business needs.
  • We aim to help organisations achieve effective System(s) networking & integration and reap maximum value for their investment in high-tech infrastructure.
  • We believe in investment in human resources and seek to help organisations achieve growth through quality training and human resource development.
  • We promote Maintenance culture in organisations and seek to sustain technological developments through effective maintenance and technical support.
  • We are committed to the promotion of computer literacy as a basic skill. Eradication of computer illiteracy is our goal. We accomplish this through effective functional computer education/training, office automation, computer networking, integration and maintenance, application software development & customisation, and World Wide Web solutions & services.

Our Corporate Values

We have been able to sustain our growth and development through our tradition of maintaining four (4) corporate values, as explained below:

Customer Service

We exist to provide heroic customer service to our customers by offering the best quality computer-based solutions. We make them happy when exchanging their hard earned money for our services.

Employee Partnership

We are a partnership of employees, who are the source of strength of the company, and each individual is important enough to have a voice in the company’s operation, and thus together we achieve corporate recognition.

Constant Innovation

We investigate new ideas and take up challenges. By so doing we keep modifying our solutions to suit the tastes of our customers.

Excellence of purpose

We set high standards and achieve same in the discharge of our responsibilities. We have absolute perception of working with total commitment, passion and enthusiasm in ensuring that we attain higher goals and meeting our objectives.

Our Team

We have some of the most skillful and talented in the industry, who are made up of:

  • Software engineers
  • System analysts
  • Graphics designers & writers
  • Hardware engineers
  • Programmers
  • Web developers
  • Customer service representatives
  • Sales and marketing professionals


At Vision Data-Techs, we look at the customer as King, and ensure that his / her interests are treated with first class priority, knowing that they are the sole purpose of our business. We go the extra mile to look into their needs and ensure satisfactory delivery.