By Web solutions, we mean the various services and applications offered through the use of the Internet. The Internet has become so ubiquitous today, that there is no sphere of life, for which it can not be applied. Some of the uses of the Internet include:

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  • Advertising businesses and services
  • Online sales and accounting
  • E-mails management
  • Applications and database management



  • Own your unique website or portal (www.yourname.com (or .net, .biz, .org, .name, .info, .ng)) today at a very affordable cost.
  • Advertise your business to the Local and International communities.
  • Own and manage your unique/personalized e-mail addresses.
  • Apply robust Portals & E-Commerce Solutions to your business.
  • Own friendly Schools and Management Portals
  • Be reached directly by your customers.
  • Answer your customers’ enquiries seamlessly & satisfy them.
  • Transact and mange your business online.

PROCEDURE (carried out by our team on your order)

  • Choose domain name (website or portal address) of your choice.
  • Search availability on the Internet.
  • Register the domain name.
  • Host the domain name.
  • Design & develop your web pages (usually an interactive process)
  • Upload the web pages.


Domain name refers to the unique name (also referred to website address) with which an individual or organization can have a presence on the Internet. No two domain names (or website addresses) are the same. We offer the service by first registering a unique domain name for a customer, and then host the registered domain name. It is the hosting process that ensures that a registered domain name (of website) can be visited through the use of web browsers, like the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.


Web pages refer to structural graphical designed, which a visitor sees when he/she visits a website through a web browser. The contents of web pages vary. They include text, graphics, pictures, database, animations, etc. Web pages can be categories as static or dynamic. Static web pages conveniently display pictures and texts, while dynamic web pages are reactive. Dynamic web pages receive and process information. They are automatically updated, can attach a database, can display stock catalogue, can be used for online sales and reservations, can be personalized to everyone, who visited a site.

We design, develop and implement both static and dynamic websites.

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E-mail means Electronic mail. Simply put, by today's context, E-mails are mails sent and received by individuals and organizations through the Internet. For one to send and receive e-mail, he/she must have an e-mail address, which must be unique. No two functional e-mail addresses are the same.

An E-mail address is usually structured as yourname@yourdomainname. E-mails are meant to be personalized to one's domain name. Often we've seen e-mail addresses that are not personalized to the owners of the domain names. This may have resulted from the inability of using a hosting service that is not robust enough to provide stable personalized e-mail service. At Vision Data-Techs, we offer personalized e-mail services that ensure that staff and the organizations corporate values are maintained.


Online business solutions refer to services that are rendered in real-time over the Internet. These include advertisements, data collection and monitoring, e-commerce, in which sales and payments are effected as transactions are going on, events commentaries, etc. We provided various ranges of solutions that suit the needs of our clients.